about me


Aspiring writer, avid dreamer.

I would always love feedback and comments. I write about whatever gets me inspired in hope that you’ll find it an interesting read. I decided to start a blog because I have been writing loads and entering competitions etc… but it’s hard to get word out into the world when it’s in a journal entry or a poem with a specific theme. So, Scribblings by Kate was born! The little tag below my blog title

Words that inspire action.

was chosen because it shows what I want to make of this blog and it portrays the kinds of things that I write. I feel that my writing is inspired by and for reality. So I chose the tag line because that is what I believe words should be used for – inspiring positive action and change. The beauty of words is that they can provoke thought and change ways of looking at the world.

I really hope that you’ll like my Blog. Thanks for reading 🙂 To know when I’ve written a new post – click the follow button >>


2 thoughts on “about me

  1. Keep your head in the word cloud – keep your passion for writing and your ambition to be a writer- but most importantly keep your feet firmly on the path that God had laid for you before you ever spoke or wrote a single word. xo

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