Last Year of High School

A week this Wednesday, it’ll be my first day of S6 – my last first day of high school. Today, I’m going out to buy my school shoes – this is the last time I’ll ever need to buy school shoes again! I can’t believe that we’re already the top of the school. It feels like yesterday that I was going into S1 after being the top of Primary School, thinking “Oh my word, those S6s look like ADULTS! I wonder what I’ll look like when I’m that age.” The answer is: basically the exact same. Five years at Heriot’s have gone so fast and I can’t believe that this is my last year here.

It’s funny because it feels like no time has passed since S1, but then when I look back at all that I’ve done and how much I’ve changed, and grown, and learnt, it seems like I’ve been in Heriot’s forever.

I want to savour this last year but I know that with everything that comes with S6 (Advanced Highers, UCAS, personal statements…) will make it go way too fast. Part of me is stressed about it all; part of me is excited.

So, I guess here’s to the unknown and the exciting things ahead.


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