Fearfully and wonderfully made

In the run up to summer and the aftermath of exams, I’ve become increasingly aware of that goal of having a “summer body.” I find myself looking in the mirror and sucking in to see if I would look the way I want to in a bikini, and increasingly scrolling through beach photos on Instagram that make me even more sensitive to my appearance. But these thoughts are toxic because they overwhelm all other thoughts and can become an unhealthy obsession. These thoughts heighten insecurities and make me believe the lies that my worth is based on my appearance – when I have a truth that I should be resting on:

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Psalm 139:14

I have been created uniquely and specially and I shouldn’t scrutinize my body when it was purposefully created. It’s one thing to want to be healthy, but another to become unhealthily obsessed with looking a certain way. I need to remember that my worth does not depend on my appearance. I don’t need to be able to walk confidently around in a bikini – I need to rest in the peace of knowing that my true worth comes from within.

People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7


One thought on “Fearfully and wonderfully made

  1. So true. These lies tell you you’re never ‘good enough’, when you were already so much more than good enough, because God has given you your worth and dignity! Thanks for this lovely post 🙂 it’s such an important message in today’s world!

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