creative envy

[this is kind of a pep talk for myself and other artists, writers who compare themselves to others]

So often I find myself looking at other people’s writing and poetry and artwork and think how I wished I could be so prolifically creative and deep. I get myself down when I think about how uninspired I often feel, about how much effort it sometimes takes to churn out words. But that is not what art is supposed to be. It shouldn’t make you feel guilty for not being as deep as you’d like to be; it should be celebrated and appreciated – it should inspire you to write, paint, create, think. But it shouldn’t be a means for you to compare yourself to someone else with a completely different artistic process to you. What they have to say with their art is just as important as what you have to say, you can still bring your unique voice about whatever issue even if it has been said before.

It’s almost impossible to be original but inevitable to be unique.



*fave song right now: Seedtime and Harvest by Joel Case


2 thoughts on “creative envy

  1. I relate so much to this. It’s so hard when someone just keeps churning out great ideas and you’ve been stuck with writer’s block for probably years (me for the most part of November/December). But I think it just means they have something to say now, and I’ll have something equally important to say later xx


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