The sun sets on another year. A throbbing reminder that time keeps on passing and I have no control over it. I don’t want to grow up or for things to change. I’m so content where I am. I’ve become so sentimental, I’m printing off so many photos of my family and friends – little moments that I refuse to take for granted anymore – and sticking them into a journal. I’ve completed 3 already. I just want to cling on to my life as it is because it’s already 2017 and that means time is moving and I can’t catch it and slow it down.

Although, at midnight, when we made it to 2017, I had this sudden excitement and expectation. I have a feeling this year holds great things. I sense promises of new things and good things. It’s exciting, a fresh start, so much hope and ambition. And for once, I’m not stressed about making my ambitions happen. I have this inner faith that opportunities that are meant to come will come and I’ll be able to take them.

I hope you’ve all had a good year in 2016, for me it was the best yet. Maybe this year will be the best too. Maybe it’s not the year that has made it good, maybe I’m just appreciating life more fully now.

I’m so reflective at this time of year. It always seems to be about the passage of time. In fact, any time I’m reflecting it seems to be about time passing. I guess that tells a little about me.

I just want to savour the time I have.

(I’m not dying or anything, just nostalgic)


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