We digest hate like the salt sprinkled on our dinners. 

It tastes good on our lips, 

enhances the flavour 

of life as it bypasses the blame, 

overpowers the guilt, 

like it’s all a big game 

of pass-the-parcel with responsibility. 

And we respond to world problems 

with half-hearted humility. 
The salt digested is hardening our heart, 

festering inside, breaking apart 

the clusters of light, choking them out. 
And the salt on our lips is souring our words, infecting 

our world with this disease. Doing all but correcting 

these ever-growing issues in all places. 

A hate epidemic is everywhere. On the news, 

online, on etched lines on our faces. 
Please hold onto the light inside. 

The only way to hold on is to swallow our pride, 

take responsibility, love and live, 


          and don’t eat the salt. 


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