need a break but need to work but need to rest but shouldn’t procrastinate…

So much conflict ughhhhhhh. Higher are intense, there’s so much to be learnt and I keep on thinking that it’s ok because eventually I’ll get it and it’ll sink in – but it’s already NOVEMBER! Prelims are in January and I feel like I’ll never be prepared by then! There are so many things stuffed in my head and I feel like I have such a woolly mind. It feels foggy and unclear, I haven’t yet fully clarified the knowledge I’ve learnt so it’s like grasping at smoke when I test myself. I feel like I have a weak hold of everything but don’t know where to start to understand these things fully. Revision might be useful but when am I gonna do that?! I am only just being able to get my homework done in time. Ugh. So much frustration. I feel so stretched thin. Maybe I have too high expectations but I am just not satisfied with where I am in knowing things. And to pile on the extra stuff, I have a violin and piano exam soon too!

Yesterday, I was told about this metaphor that illustrates life pretty well. It’s a bowl with rocks in it, if you look at it, it is full but then you can pour more sand into it. But if you pour that sand in first and then add the rocks, you can’t fit it in. It’s to do with priorities. The rocks are the main ones and the sand is the rest. What are my main priorities?? I can’t juggle all of these rocks at once, i need to reduce some of my commitments to sand… rocksinabowl1.jpg


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