copernican universe

Self-discovery is like the

development of science:


We experiment,

creating our own

armillary spheres and placing

ourselves in the centre

of our Ptolemaic* universe.


But then when we discover

new ivory spheres

orbiting around us,

a few which we feel

ourselves gravitate towards,

our whole universe changes

into a new systematic

clockwork. Revolving in a figure of eight

around a couple of particularly bright stars.


And if we’re lucky,

one begins to shine brighter

than the other and an unknown force

draws us nearer.


When revolving around the one

light in our universe,

the rhythmic beat of orbit

matches our heart.

And we find a Copernican** universe.


*Ptolemaic: of or relating to the second century geographer and astronomer Ptolemy of Alexandria and especially to his belief that the earth is at the center of the universe with the sun, moon, and planets revolving around it.

**Copernican: of or relating to Copernicus or the belief that the earth rotates daily on its axis and the planets revolve in orbits around the sun.


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