Broken bottles still shine

I was listening to Gregory Alan Isakov on the way home today and a line from his song All Shades of Blue inspired me to write this post

Broken bottles shine like stars, make a wish anyway.

I love his songs, they’re acoustic and there’s something in them that stirs a part of me that makes me sometimes think that music is like poetry. I especially love his lyrics, they could definitely be poems in themselves.

The image of broken bottles glinting in the light made me think of it like a metaphor. The fact that perfect diamonds and broken bottles both shine in the light and make beautiful refractions and reflections with the light is so hopeful. Coming back to school after the summer – after the detachment from school made me chilled – was a plunge right back into the water, suddenly the underlying expectations of perfection reappear. So I found myself working hard but with this extra weight that comes with striving for perfection. Ambition is admirable and I am still proud of it within me but lately, I’ve been questioning whether it’s beneficial or just damaging. Working hard to get the results you’re capable of getting is good, striving for the best you can do is good. But aiming for perfection? As much as we’d all hate to admit it; it is impossible to be perfect. No matter how hard you try, some point in life you will fail to be perfect even if you try your best. So is aiming for perfection setting yourself up for failure since imperfection is inevitable? Maybe. I don’t really know. All I know is that regardless of whether you’re perfect or not, you can still “shine” like the broken bottles. No matter where you are or what your abilities are, you can achieve the best that you can achieve – which is an accomplishment! The fact that you’re still shining when you’re broken is something to be proud of in itself. And anyway, imperfection means that you’re unique and in a way that’s more beautiful than perfection.

(Sorry for the ramble, I didn’t really know where I was going with this but I thought a Thought would be good for today…)


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