the passing of time

I keep on thinking about time and change. The world is ever changing because time is constantly moving. You can’t stop time from moving, it’s a constant, uncontrollable force that pushes us into the next day. And with the passing of time comes change. You can’t control or stop change either. Even in yourself – the one thing that you truly have control over – you can’t control the changes; physical aging, subconscious emotional development through experiences… It’s not uncommon to hate change, especially when you’re content with the way things are. I don’t want anything to change: I don’t want to grow up and move out and try to find a job… but eventually I’ll have to. Because time keeps pushing our lives forward. Sometimes I imagine time like a snow plough and I’m the snow being pushed forward by it along the road which is my life.

But change can be good and exciting and it brings new opportunities as well as challenges, through change you just have to grasp onto hope. Things can always change for the better, just as much as the worse.

Although, for me, who often feels overwhelmed by the ever-changing world around me; I cling to the one “thing” that never changes. God.





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