In english we have to start thinking about what our Higher discursive essays are going to be about, it’s basically the same as the National 5 one but 1300 words instead of 1000. So, initially I was suffering from serious writer’s block but now they have started flowing and I don’t know which one to choose! (help)

  • Can we prevent the next war by learning from history?
  • Does history repeat itself?
  • Should the word limit be banned? (Word count: the chains and shackles of the writer)
  • Can words really change the world?
  • Is pacifism worthwhile and justified?
  • Will the Wealth Hierarchy in society ever end?
  • Should we switch democracy for meritocracy?
  • Will there ever be true equality?

I think the trouble isn’t finding a topic that interests me to write about, it’s choosing one from the infinite choices that I have.

*Note: these are written as argumentative essays but in reality I’m going to write a persuasive essay.


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