When we’re on holiday and my mum pulls out her phone for a photo, you can often hear groans or sighs along with the unzipping of the leather phone case. But although posing awkwardly for a photo in that moment feels uncomfortable and pointless I find later on when I’m browsing through my mums photos that I love to look at them and see how I’ve changed, (or not changed) to remember the holiday we were in or the delicious meal that I had. It’s unfair of us to groan and huff overtime mum wants a photo because we always love to look back to those photos that spark more memories.

I bought a photo printer recently because I love to have this physical reminder of the things I love presented in these frozen tableaus on glossy paper. I love remembering how lucky I am to have such good memories and so many of them that I have to sift through all of them and pick my favourites. And although we do complain initially in none of those photos do we look grumpy and in my favourites are the candid, true smiles of laughter and joy that break out and are captured in the spur of the moment. Printing photos isn’t cheap, each photo needs the right paper and ink and so you can’t waste a single sheet and that’s why I love photographs because I chose the ones most meaningful to me and never waste a photo; never wasting a memory.


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