This Democracy

This Democracy
Is becoming
A Meritocracy.
“That’s not bad,” you say,
“Where we’ll work our way up
and earn our own pay.”
But what about those who
Can’t afford to be educated
Or are born not like me or you?
Whose brains don’t work
in the way we understand,
and don’t fit into our image of “intelligent.”
It’s not fair to sit and reprimand
Those whose contribution seems “irrelevant.”
This Meritocracy
Is becoming
A Bureaucracy.
A Tyranny.
We’re hypocrites,
Slowly losing dignity
As we disapprove
Other countries in messes
That aren’t too different from ours.
We’re all humans
Trying our best,
Making educated guesses.
Avoiding repetition of history
Whilst creating our own.
There’s no escape
From the inevitable.
We hold the solutions
But created the problem.


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