Dreams: Our Subconscious Guardian

I had a dream the other night that I was going blind.

There is some truth in it, my glasses’ prescription has gotten worse and I get migraines but I’m not going blind.

In my dream, my great aunt (who is blind now and has a disease that had caused her to gradually lose her sight throughout her life) and I were talking about how I get migraines and my eyesight is getting worse because I study a lot and because of working hard in school. She then told me that my migraines and increasing glasses strength are symptoms of what she has and that I will go blind. I was devastated. I cried (probably in my sleep as well as in my dream) because I wouldn’t be able to describe things any more. I wouldn’t be able to write and describe the beautiful world around me. I realised that so many of the joys I experience in life is seeing the beauties and wonders of creation. The sun kissed tips of almost-Autumn leaves, the sun rising over the Pentlands casting the whole world into its shadow, the peace and still of a wintry field…

Anyway along with that new appreciation for what I have, I still couldn’t forget the dream. It was lingering in the back of my mind: there is still more to learn.

am going blind. Blind to the world around me. The good things in life, the meaningful moments and the instants of pure joy. I am being blinded by my school work (the cause of my migraines etc.) it is twisting my priorities and warping my outlook. All I see, all I seem to care about, all I do is work. It is blinding me from the true, meaningful things in life. The truth that life isn’t about “achieving” it’s about living. And living life to the full.

So that was what my subconscious guardian told me in my dream. And I will listen to it.


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