Being busy

Being back to school I feel like I’ve been thrown straight into the weekend. Being in 4th year now and when our exams actually matter every teacher is saying that we should start revision now, on top of that we have to do assignments at home to put into our folio of work and then because I’m in s4 rowing has gotten a lot more competitive so there are 5 days a week of training! And my friend has convinced me to move to first violins In first orchestra. Everything is treated as if it should be the most important thing for me to do. It seems like each teacher forgets that their subject isn’t the only subject that I take! So being this busy is a bit overwhelming. I have had to weasel my way through small windows of free time to get what I need done – I’m on my way to school to do a morning rowing machine session right now! Anyway, I’m beginning to think about all of this and I feel that I need to get my priorities straight. I feel like I have my hand in so many different activities that I’m just so stretched that I feel I can break any minute. Also the fact that I’m trying to balance everything I can’t really focus on one thing and actually excel at it. So I’m going to try and get my priorities straight and sort myself out.


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