This poem was inspired by Sidney Keyes’ poem War Poet. He fought in WWII. His poems show the inner conflict of a soldier as they try to live their life but find themselves killing others’.


to kill other men who are just doing their
But I’m just doing mine.
The world is put on pause,
My life, my ambitions frozen in a time before
The war.
Now, here, none of that matters.
I’m just doing my
And I’m not the only one here doing my
All of our lives are waiting for us at home
Whilst we are all
Doing our duty.
I tried to fight against my fate
But I’m just another human doing my
But if this is my duty and that is theirs,
Neither of us fulfil it because we cancel each other out.
My bullet is fired at one man and another man’s at me.
Whose duty is it really?
The ghost of the man I used to be
With hopes and aspirations and
Idealistic views of the world.
Or of the man who will come home
To that shadow of a life
Where in retrospect none of it mattered
Or it was the only thing that really mattered?


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