The Road

First of all I’d like to apologise that I haven’t posted a post in over a month, I was writing my poem to enter in the Foyle Young Poets Competition and this past week I was away in Prince Edward Island. For today’s post I’m going to show you a poem that I didn’t end up entering to Foyle but I want to share it anyway.

The Road

The borders of sight

are blurred

by the shadows of a flickering lamppost

and the rain

that gathers in my eyes.

A sillohette of a hooded man,

distorted like the streaks of light by the

falling rain.

An umbrella

hovering like a drop of ink

above her head.

A car

drives past creating a wave

of grit-flavoured soup.

It wets her legs but

her umbrella protected her.

His body was soaked but his head was dry.

And I was left wet in the rain.


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