For this post I was thinking of talking to you guys about some thing that is really relevant to people today – Social Media. It has always been something that has sparked a flame within me, whether that’s accounts on Social Media or realising I’ve wasted an hour lying on my bed scrolling through my Instagram feed. Or in a car journey when we’re stuck in traffic and I take out my phone to pass the waiting time and look up at our destination, realising that I have missed driving along a beautiful countryside road to look at someone else’s Selfie. So, this year Instagram has grown by 50% and has exceeded the 300 million user mark – this is an obvious example of the relevance of the issue of Social Media’s addictive qualities. Social Media’s popularity has also increased massively in that Social Media is now America’s top internet activity – used more than email or any other sites online. To make matters worse over 50% of users use Instagram daily. We are allowing ourselves to be, firstly, anti-social; secondly, unaware of our surroundings; and thirdly, subconsciously influenced by it. Social Media is changing our values in society drastically and its role is irrefutably larger than any other form of media because of the sheer accessibility of it. There is free WiFi on buses and 3G has now made it possible to access it from nearly anywhere. Social Media has become a normal part of everyday life: when waiting for the bus to come – Twitter, when waiting for the dinner to be ready – Facebook, when at a friend’s house (yes – that  does happen! ) – Instagram. All we ever do is wait; all we ever do is look on Social Media. When did we start to feel the need to look down when the slightest hint of boredom is felt? Why do we feel we have to post every thought that comes into our mind? Does it mean that we didn’t think it if we didn’t tweet it? When did we stop living in the moment? Looking at our surroundings? Observing? Living? Instead of looking through a timeless, thoughtless world where all that matters is our number of friends on Facebook or how many likes our Selfie gets? The importance of exterior beauty and attractive profile or reputation has risen hugely because of this. Take Tinder and Hot or Not, for example: Tinder – a matching app where you swipe through photos of people with only their first name and age and you can like them or pass them and if they liked your photo back then you can message. Hot or Not – it will “show how popular you are” and is a “way to find the coolest people near you.” swipe through photos of people with only their first name, age and where you work/go to school. The entire foundations of these apps are outward appearances, these photo-based Social Media apps are encouraging judgement of the outside and, of course, the importance of being beautiful. Apparently now, the only important factor that should be seriously considered when having a relationship is physical attraction. So, sorry for this little rant – I can feel a poem about it coming soon – but I encourage you all (myself included) to at least become aware of what going on Social Media is really doing. Is it really achieving anything? Do you feel outward beauty is becoming more important in your life? Are you missing this moment? Stop and think; look up. Put down the virtual world and live in the real one.


2 thoughts on “Stop

  1. Reblogged this on Bether's Little Things and commented:
    I definitely agree with this.
    What happened to going outside and enjoying nature, or simply reading a good book?
    What about future generations; will they ever play chasies in the street, or will they all be communicating via the internet?


  2. Hi Kate – in this post, are you speaking against social media itself or the people who do the above? Or do you mean social media culture? And when you’re saying “stop”, are you saying to end social media, to stop looking at social media, or to stop looking at social media so often? It’s hard to discern from your post as you seem to be floating around amidst many ideas.


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