Innocent Wisdom

When I first decided to keep a proper journal I was writing in it each day. I would write story ideas, scenes of what I was doing at the time or random little quotes that came into my head. I think that this is where I began to do little scribblings because it was a Quote A Day routine with fragments of poems or unfinished thoughts. I was re-reading my journal earlier today and I came across this little scribble;

Write your hurts in the sand, let it be washed away by water. Carve your blessing on stone – it stays there forever.

I think that to this day – even though there are little hints of clichés in there – this scribbling is still true and relevant even though it is years later and I have [supposedly] matured and grown since then. There is an optimistic innocence to it, most of my poems and scribblings nowadays are so heavy with intricate meanings deep within each syllable, in this line there is a simple meaning. This innocent – almost naive – simplicity is refreshing in a world of double meanings and controversial interpretations. And this clear message will always ring true even if centuries pass by, we should always be optimistic and let our “hurts” wash away – what’s over is over, focus on the good. Being innocent and optimistic despite living in this complicated world is refreshing and hopeful.


2 thoughts on “Innocent Wisdom

  1. Another great blog. I loved it! I’m trying to let a negative experience go. Your description of writing it in the sand will be my vision when I let my mind dwell on it again and again. It’s true that these thoughts or whatever that bring us down need to be visualized as they truly are…..negative, and just let the water take it out to sea.

    Thank you Kate


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