It’s better than it seems

Today I had my Grade 4 violin exam and I managed to get through it. I tripped up quite a few times throughout my pieces but when I left the room, nervous but relieved, and I described the exam to my mum she said that my accompanist had only noticed a couple of little mistakes. And when I was talking to my teacher about the aural part of the exam I told her I was unsure about my answers but she assured me that I was most likely right.

It just goes to show that it always goes better than you think 🙂


4 thoughts on “It’s better than it seems

  1. We are hardest on ourselves than anyone else. I think that never changes, no matter how old you are. Never forget we learn from our mistakes. What would you learn if you did a perfect test?


  2. I agree with Sue- you learn from your mistakes and move on 😊 Im so proud of you kate, youre so determined 😄 cant wait to see you again in school 💕


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