North Korea

Today’s post is a little more serious. For years I have been fascinated by North Korea and everything about it. How could a nation be so totalitarian? I was fascinated but also disgusted. Any time I thought about it a bubble of passion would grow within me. So, I wrote an article about it in an entry to Amnesty International’s Young Reporter Competition. I didn’t get chosen as a winner so I’m sharing it with you today 🙂

The Secret of the Secretive State: Revealed

North Korea; a secretive state. North Korea, argued by Kim Jong-un as a democracy but in fact, an oppressive totalitarian regime that tolerates no opposition against the leader. Since the Korean War, Kim Il-sung began enforcing a self-dependent philosophy onto the nation. This began North Korea’s secretive, introverted society. North Korea has since kept itself far from the rest of the world and has avoided excessive publicity.

However, with the controversy about the release of the movie The Interview, North Korea has been getting a lot of publicity. The fact that this generation is only just becoming aware of the current state of North Korea is surprising – have we really been so ignorant to this? For decades, maybe even centuries, the population of North Korea has been oppressed and brainwashed. Its name on paper “the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” is the opposite of what it is known by the public to be. It is almost a joke. This absurdity of a name is almost an overcompensation for the fact that the people of North Korea have no basic human rights and are oppressed by a harsh dictatorship under Kim Jong-un’s rule. Because of North Korea’s self-reliant mindset, many mistakes have led to famine and economical downfall. There have been many reports of malnourishment and starvation.

It remains extremely difficult to gain valid information about North Korea because of the totalitarian censorship of the flow of information inward and outward. Propaganda has become so dominant that information has been warped to convey what Kim Jong-un wants to be portrayed about other countries and North Korea itself. Kim Jong-un has a tight grip of the population in such an ignorance to the reality of the world that they become brainwashed. North Korea attempts to block out all access to foreign media and severely punishes anyone who is caught accessing it; it can be as extreme as forced labour. Statements have been made by firsthand sufferers of some of the Prison Camps describing starvation, slavery, torture, assassination and trauma. Even their families were detained to suffer alongside them although they were not ‘guilty’ as such, they were known officially as having ‘guilt-by-association’. This excessive grope for control is a sick abuse of human rights – because of Kim Jong-un’s supreme rule over the country, he is stealing their right to their own opinion by brainwashing them with false information and not tolerating opposition to his regime by inflicting brutal and murderous punishment.

This atrocity cannot be ignored. The fact that there are such heavy violations to basic human rights in North Korea is irrefutable. The harsh reality of life in North Korea is guilt-laden and we cannot remain ignorant to this.



3 thoughts on “North Korea

  1. Kate, I loved reading your report. I feel better informed about North Korea. It makes me want to pray for them .

    I also read your post on being snowed in. It made me smile. You are such a wonderful ambitious young girl. Keep it going, you will go far in this world.

    I understand what you were saying about making the list and then finding only half of it got accomplished. It bothers me when I seem to spin my wheels, but you are so right to conclude that sometimes it’s the better outcome.

    Just so you know I really enjoy opening your blog and reading what you have to say. Thanks !!!


    Mrs.Sue Slowey


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