❄Snowed in❄

For the February vacation we went to America, a few days in Vermont skiing in Killington and a few in Massachusetts relaxing at home. The snow managed to jumble our plans a little bit. There was a snow storm forecast for the day we were planning to drive to Vermont and it ended up making the news. Luckily the day before we listened to many warnings in church and drove that afternoon to get there before the storm. It was a long and scary drive (especially for Dad who had to stay awake for all of it as the driver) but we made it. Skiing was great and we skied for 3 days and drove home on the third. Then, another storm was forecast, one that threatened to delay and even cancel our flights. Our flights were cancelled so we had to leave a day later, leaving us with a day snowed in – today!

❅ ❄ ❆

I had planned to do a lot today, I even made a little timetable. Most of it didn’t go to plan. I got a lot of what I was planning done and even though I may have had a slightly less productive day than I had planned I probably had a lot more fun. I’ve found that I never get everything done that I expect to, normally about half at least. I probably set way too high expectations on myself and if I don’t get all that I was planning to done, I get annoyed with myself (when probably what I have done is actually really worthwhile.) I can use that as a motive to get better but also as a lesson to look at the things I have done rather than the things I haven’t done. It’s not everyday that you get a whole day inside to do whatever you want because there’s nothing else you could possibly do, so I should enjoy it because on days like that there is no room for regrets.

❅ ❄ ❆

Our school holidays are over but I think that most of yours are just beginning – have a great holiday 🙂


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