Nostalgic Memories

Merry Christmas! Sorry that I’m late for posting… Again… I’ve been lazy… It’s the holidays. So, whether you’re with your family, friends or on your own memories of past Christmases are bound to come flooding back at Christmas Time. This Christmas being no exception. Christmas is a time of forever-loved traditions that bring a warm feeling of nostalgia. So, in a tribute to Christmas and all of its memories I am posting a poem that I had written a while ago:


Ripples of laughter
break the smooth sea horizon,
then fade leaving nothing but a memory.

Excited smiles
are sown into endless fields,
they are reaped with only a memory remaining.

Dewdrops of joy
collect on morning blades of grass,
the dawning sun steals them, a mere memory is left.

Flames of love flicker
and warm a cold, wintry night.
An icy gust of wind blows and kidnaps the warmth,
only a faint memory lingers silently in the air.

These memories,
once new,
with time grow faded and worn.
A musky fog conceals them,
the bond is broken,
connection torn.

So hold on tight,
keep your memories close
through the darkest night
these treasures are worth most.


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