I was always an aspiring writer: some of my "bestsellers" and old journals from when i was as young as 3.
I was always an aspiring writer: some of my “bestsellers” and old journals from when I was as young as 3.
Some old notebooks.
A lovely pile of some old notebooks, stuffed with doodles and scribbles.
The novellas
by kate millar illustrated by kate millar Some of the “bestsellers” that I was sure were gonna hit the shelves.

I have always been ambitious.

I am someone who has very big goals, hopes and aspirations (etc…). I hope to get straight As, get into Harvard/Edinburgh Uni/M.I.T and change the world through my writing…. pretty big goals to achieve, I know.

Well, from when I was as young as I can remember, I have always been making up little stories – with my Barbies or in my fluffy pink notebook! But, when I realised that people can make professions out of these stories I was ecstatic.

I would make my own books, illustrate the covers and write the blurbs myself. I was convinced that they were bestsellers! (This is coming from the girl who once sang in a restaurant’s toilets in case a record producer came in and heard me… this was years and years ago, I assure you.)

One of my books, I was sure, would be read across the world. (Cool Kitty and Friends) Not only had I written a book of it; I made an annual. An annual.

Wow. How could someone be so delusional?

Another one of my stories, (Midnight Meadows) one of the only ones that I managed to finish, has the weirdest plot line ever. Allow me to show you a little extract from the last chapter: (WARNING: SPOILER!!!)

 ” ‘Were [notice how I spelt where wrong] is Lisa [not even a question mark] I want to give her this rose’ Nick said to his mom ‘check the meadows’ she said. Nick went to the meadows and then suddenly he stopped he heard an evil laugh from underground. Nick stepped back one and fell down the tunnel. He saw Franny as a bat! “

The blurb for Midnight Meadows.
The blurb for Midnight Meadows.

Let me explain, this story started off about a lonely orphan girl [cliché] who gets adopted by [she doesn’t know this] her Grand parents and makes friends with the girl next door. They decide to meet in meadows, at midnight. In the meadows they randomly find a unicorn/pegasus, ride it, then go home. The next day, after church, they go to the meadows again, fall down a hole, [all of my stories seemed to involve falling down a magical hole] and get kidnapped by an evil vampire! A boy saves them by picking the lock with a pebble. [What was going through my head?]

I really hope that my writing skills have improved since then…

Nevertheless, it is hilarious looking back on all of the little stories that I wrote and reminiscing of those delusional times… 🙂


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