{Little} Scribblings in London

For the long weekend my family and I went to London, we did some tourist-y things and just pottered around London, these are the Scribblings I did there;

Day 1 – On the Plane

Excitement and apprehension bubbles in my stomach as I walk along the familiar plane aisle to a not-so-familiar place –London. It’s been 10 years!


The sun rests on the tip of the stretched clouds like a man balancing on a tightrope. Golden rays erupt from the glistening sun. A blend of hot and cold colours collide. Brush strokes swiped across the canvas while a drop of gold illuminates the sky.


The bumble of murmurs, turning pages and rustling wrappers are suddenly hushed as rays of sunlight sweep across their mesmerised faces.

Day 2 – Sightseeing

London’s thriving soul is reflected by its growing skyline as it swells around me.


Sun-dappled avenues with the buzz of passing cars blended with the rustle of fallen leaves brushing underneath the rainbow footprints of padding feet on the cobbled street.


A patchwork of eras mingled into the architecture that rises proudly from the bustling streets.


There was an abundance of people –the streets were alive and breathed the breaths of millions.


London Eye:

The city was alive and spread out below. The whoosh of passing cherry buses, the padding of wandering people’s feet, the exclamations of intrigued tourists, all echoing the city’s loud, worldwide heartbeat.

Day 3 –More sightseeing

Gilded palaces, bridges, monuments and offices seem by the eyes of millions, highlighted by the swarming tourists crowding around them.


Buckingham Palace:

Familiar exterior, exclusive interior. Dauntingly grand and extravagant yet a home to royal families through the ages.


Each centimetre ornately carved with intricate designs, hundreds of years old.

Day 4 –Home

A city so big and daunting shrinks as the plane glides off into the clouds.

Remaining of London is only the breath of the city so energetic, floating white and tufting above the towering buildings , scurrying people, excited tourists, rosy buses and the memorable rainbow footsteps of the worldwide community.


P.S. Sorry it’s a day late, I didn’t have time yesterday.


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