New School Year Resolutions


It’s that time of year again. Summer’s ending/ed and it’s back to school! We go back on Thursday (I have friends who went back last Wednesday!!!) I can’t believe that another Summer has come and gone. It feels like time goes faster as I get older. Yesterday I was starting S1 (First year / 6th Grade) and on Thursday, S3. (3rd year / 8th grade)

Wow. It has gone fast.

It feels like I’m in a race, against life. I keep going faster and the next second, life has flashed right past me.

Anyway, almost every school year, I set resolutions. Each year I have unfailingly failed at fulfilling them. So I have composed, reachable goals for this upcoming year:

  • Blog posts. I am so sorry to say this but to keep up with school work, Blog posts will be fortnightly. However, I intend to keep this up every fortnight. No excuses.
  • Get my priorities straight. I am great at procrastinating. I will always find something else to do when there is something to be done. For example, I start revising for a Biology test and 30 seconds later, I have dropped everything to do with Biology and begin reading an old scrapbook.
  • Only bring the essentials. I am a terrible over-packer. I pack tons of unnecessary junk into my bag and then ask, “Why is my bag so heavy?”, “Why is my back so sore?” So, I am only going to pack what I need.
  • Healthy but tasty lunches. I have made this resolution before. About a month later, I become lazy and shove crisps and a chocolate bar into my lunch with a sandwich. I want to try to keep up my healthy lunches this year.
  • Keep my desk tidy. My desk is a dump. After the school year, I tidy it out and then after about 2 weeks of the new year I have notes, books, notebooks and letters piled high on top of my desk. I normally end up doing my homework on the floor! So, I am not going to throw things onto my desk. It can’t become messy if I don’t dump my things on it.
  • My final and most important resolution: Don’t worry. I get so easily stressed that my work suffers. If I have a happy and positive mindset, and don’t worry, I will be able to get work done faster, better and more efficiently.

That concludes my New School Year Resolutions, I hope that these have given you ideas for resolutions and ways to brighten this school year. Comment your new school resolutions down below! I hope that you’ll have a great new school year. 🙂


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